• The Fund was created to find promising market niches and support companies with high growth potential in the early stages of their formation (seed, Series A)
  • The Fund focuses on investments in fast-growing companies with the aim of scaling the business and the possibility of exit by selling a stake to a strategic investor in 2-5 years

The Fund invests in Russian and foreign companies of various sectors of the economy without reference to specific industries

Priority: IT in medicine, education, logistics and transport as well as trends and niches formed under the influence of COVID-19

Artificial intelligence

automation technologies of business processes in various industries


products and services for optimization of logistics processes and in the field of telematics

Digital products

high-tech solutions in the economy, education and healthcare

IT in healthcare

projects in the field of genetics, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, cell therapy, biopharmaceuticals

  • The maximum amount of investment in the project is 300 million rubles
  • The expertise of the fund's team, JSFC Sistema, as well as its portfolio companies allows us to provide comprehensive support to companies from our own portfolio and stimulate their growth