01. About us

Sistema SmartTech was established in 2020 to support promising companies in the seed and start-up stages of investment.
The fund focuses on innovative projects that cover high technologies, including various digital products and services, biotechnologies and artificial intelligence

02. Our approach

Full support of projects, contributing to their comprehensive development at different stages of product development and launch

03. Our mission

Support promising companies that solve extraordinary tasks and stimulate their growth with the existing industry competencies in the field of venture investment management and extensive connections in various industries

04. Complex support of projects


providing equity investments


applying best practices for building operational and financial processes


consulting on the development of a product promotion and sales strategy

05. Fund’s statistics

статистика фонда
5 bln rub

Target capital size

1,5 bln rub

30% share of AFK Sistema PAO

Period of Fund’s activity is 5 years

06. Documents